Bonds curse thread level

Well tomorrow is the home opener for the bucs so we think it is time to reveal something we have been working very hard on since the blog opened a couple days ago.  As a service to Pittsburgh Pirate fans we will provide a current threat level of the curse of Barry Bonds.  This level is painstakingly calculated with help of statisticians as well as paranormal and clairvoyant experts.  A curse can be very tough to predict but we will do our best.


So here are the levels pretty self explanatory.  From level black with is the most severe to white, not bad,  which is the lowest level. The threat level will be displayed on the right hand side of the page at all times for quick reference. Hopefully this service will help Pirates fans make important decisions like attending a game or planning a vacation. Currently the level is set to very high which is the lowest it has ever been. Not too much reason to worry this early in the season and opening day should be a high point for optimism.


~ by curseofbonds on April 12, 2009.

One Response to “Bonds curse thread level”

  1. This site is awesome! go Buccos

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