Not So Great Pierogi Race

Looks like the curse has reached one of Pirates fan’s most beloved events, The Great Pierogi race! If you have been to Pirate game at PNC park you know how much fans love this pierogi race. I think many fans come just for the race because often the stands start to empty after the completion of the event. This could also be because by the time the race takes place the Bucs are on their way to another defeat. Here is a picture from the Pierogi race on opening day 2009.

Pierogies running through center field? If you have been to a Pirate game in the past few years you know that race usually starts at some remote location which is shown to the fans in attendance on the big screen then culminates at PNC park along the 1st base line. As evidenced in the picture above that is no longer the case. Is this a result of the curse or possibly just a sign of the economy? By the way Cheese Chester won in an exciting finish.
In other Pirate news the team lost to the Astros tonight and they traded for some guy.


~ by curseofbonds on April 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Not So Great Pierogi Race”

  1. […] Race” is confusing. We all know who Tom and George and Abe and Teddy are, but a pierogi? The Curse of Bonds — a Pittsburgh Pirates blog — suggests that the PNC Park “Great Pierogi […]

  2. Why is Cheese Chester so sad? All the other pierogies are smiling, but he is always frowning. Is something wrong?

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