After a minor 11-1 set back yesterday at the hands of the Braves.  The Buccos are back in the saddle again tonight with an 8 nothing victory of the red hot Florida Marlins.  The win tonight above puts the club over .500 at 7-6. The Pirates lead the league in shut outs with 4.  Adam  LaRoche is hitting well,  he was actually walked by the Braves the other day.  Little LaRoche is doing pretty good himself. McLouth hit a 3-run homer in the Allegheny river tonight.  With all that going right some Pirate fans might be laughing in the face of the curse.  But today we learned that Ryan Doumit may have suffered his annual injury.  Doumit has a wrist injury the severity is not yet known.  So in Steps Jason “HAIR-a-mee-yoh” Jaramillo.  Or as we like to call him.


Actually Stay puft did exactly that tonight by stepping up big when the Pirates needed him.  Maybe now Doumit can focus on reuniting with one of the best bands ever Limp Bizkit!



~ by curseofbonds on April 20, 2009.

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