Alliterative names

Despite the fact that the Pirates remain 3 games above .500 and are currently second in the NL Central it looks like the curse is in full swing. The Pirates announced on Saturday that shortstop Jack Wilson would be put on the 15-day disabled list due to a finger sprain. Nate McLouth is out indefinitely with a right oblique injury. Craig Hansen was put on the DL retroactive to April 20 because of neck spasms. This on top of the injury to Doumit. But worst of all Pirates have lost minor league reliever Dave Davidson to the Florida Marlins, who claimed him off waivers and assigned him to Class AAA New Orleans. The lost of Davidson mean the loss of one of Bucs best alliterative names. For those who don’t know what alliteration is.

Alliteration is the repeated occurrence of a consonant sound at the beginning of several words in the same phrase.

Any one who knows literature know that people with alliterative names are much more likely to have super powers. For example Peter Parker, Clark Kent, Bruce Banner, Reed Richards and of course Barry Bonds. The Loss of Davidson is a horrible blow because having someone on the roster with super powers could surely reverse the curse. Which brings me to BRIAN BIXLER
brian bixler
If there ever was a name with super power potential this is it! Bixler was called up the to replace Jack Wilson on the roster. Could he be the one?


~ by curseofbonds on April 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Alliterative names”

  1. […] sounds like he could have an alter ego.  But we are not quite sure if Garrett Jones is an alliteration, we have several linguists working to determine on determining if Jones’ name indicates any […]

  2. […] a final note we would also like to apologize again for ever thinking Brian Bixler was going to be good.  Bixler has stuck out 23 times in 33 at bats with the Pirates this […]

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