Royal Pains

The curse has kicked into high gear since my last post. I almost considered giving up hope as the Pirates lost their 8th straight game today. But we must press on. THE CURSE CAN BE BROKEN At least we have a better record than Cleveland! As you can guess the most obvious way to break the curse is to rescue Barry from the unemployment line and put him in a Pirate uniform.

All is solved Barry is off the street and is back being a productive member of society and the Pirates might have some one who can bring a few runs across the plate. But someone else may be trying to beat the Buccos to the punch. Jason Whitlock from the Kansas City Star suggests that It’s time the Royals invested in Bonds.
Not fair! The Royals have a winning record so far and based on my limited knowledge of baseball, that doesn’t involve Barry Bonds or the Pirates, they seem to be doing pretty good. So I encourage everyone to contact their local state representative, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, Neal Huntington, Frank Coonelly, John Russel, Mayor SteelerStahl, Lloyd McClendon, Kevin McClatchy, Scott Boras or anyone else who maybe able bring Barry home and break this curse. There is no other way. thumbs up

~ by curseofbonds on May 10, 2009.

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