Moss Man

On this blog we have talked about how someone with super powers could save Bucs from the curse. Our last super hero pick, Brian Bixler, turned out to be a huge bust.
But now we have a new hope as the Pirates have now won 2 in a row thanks in part to Brandon “Moss Man” Moss.
Moss was 3-for-4 with a two-run homer on Tuesday and followed it up with another RBI last night.
Brandon was stranded in the woods as a child, left for dead. Until the moss from the surrounding wilderness overtook him and and brought him back to life. When Brandon emerged from the wilderness several years later he knew he was brought back from a reason. At first he thought he would pursue a career in country music like his cousin Alan Jackson. But the moss now growing from his fingers made it hard to play the fiddle. Brandon was devastated until one day he found that the moss that had fused itself to his body gave him special abilities to catch and hit a baseball. How far will Moss’ abilities take him and the Pirates? wikibm

~ by curseofbonds on May 14, 2009.

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