Jake Peavy

The Buccos are in Chicago facing off against the White Sox this memorial day weekend. The White Sox have been in the news a lot lately because a proposed trade with the Padres for hurler Jake Peavy.
jake peavy
This is what he looks like. There are plenty of rumors going around about why Peavy didn’t waive his no trade clause to play in the windy city. But we have the exclusive interview with Mr. Peavy himself.

CurseofBonds: hello
JakePeavy: hi
CurseofBonds: Why didn’t you want to be traded to the White Sox right now?
JakePeavy: Well I was already to go then I looked at the schedule and a realized that I would be facing the Pittsburgh Pirates.
CurseofBonds: So you fear facing the Pirates?
JakePeavy: Yes. The LaRoche brothers…..
(at this point Peavy breaks into tears and runs away)
CurseofBonds: Thank you. Bye.

Hours later Peavy this picture was taken of Peavy.

Peavy and the Padres are to be in Pittsburgh for a series on September 19. By that time Peavy or one the LaRoche brothers will surely have moved on to a new Club.

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~ by curseofbonds on May 23, 2009.

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