Trade em all

According to some article I read statically the Pirates may already have been eliminated from the playoffs.

There have been 104 teams to make the playoffs in the 13 full seasons of the wild-card era. Exactly three of them, or 2.9 percent, were worse than five games below .500 when June began. Here are the three outliers:

1. 2005 Astros (19-32 start; 89-73 final record).
2. 2007 Cubs (22-29; 85-77).
3. 2007 Yankees (22-29; 94-68).

The Pirates were 6 games below on June 1. But since June has begun the Buccos have won 2 straight against the Mets. Here is a curse of bonds exclusive, the standings as of today with a yellow box drawn around the Pirates record.


So the Pirates may no longer have a shot at the playoffs. Should they start trading everyone? No, the playoffs would be great but the ultimate goal is to have a winning record which they are only 58 wins away from doing.  Never mind, that’s alot of wins.

Let Neal Huntington sort ’em out!


~ by curseofbonds on June 3, 2009.

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  1. […] once again that Neal Huntington reads this blog Nyjer Morgan, Sean Burnett and Eric Hinske were all traded […]

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