Naughty by Nyjer

Well there is a new Mc in town and by Mc I mean “MC”. Andrew McCutchen was called up to replace Nate McClouth in the Pirates line up today. And McCutchen made Bucco fans say Nate McWho? in his big league debut. The new MC in town had two hits, scored three runs, and RBI and a stolen base in his big league debut. Wait a min go back a sentence Nate McWho….big League debut that is a rhyme! Which brings me to the point I was trying to make at the start of this post few people know that McCutchen is also a master MC or emcee as an alternate spelling. Though Nyjer Morgan and Robinson Diaz were sad to see their teammate go they were happy to be able to reunite their musical group “Naughty by Nyjer”.naughtybynyjer

The group can now break out of the Bradenton, FL area that they were constrained to during spring training and take over Pittsburgh and eventually the world!

~ by curseofbonds on June 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Naughty by Nyjer”

  1. I was at said game, but I didn’t get to see any of it. I went with work, but all I got done doing was running to the bathroom.

    • That sucks. I saw some teacher guy on the news after that game who was all upset because the kids didn’t get to see Nate McClouth. He has a sign that said something like
      Tickets for whole class $800
      No Nate McClouth – Worthless

      What a loser.

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