Curse Threat Level Update

People come up to me on the street all the time and ask “Hey why doesn’t the Bond Curse Threat Level ever change?” I of course explain that hours and hours are put in the calculating the thread level and it is hard to explain. I really thought the level was going to drop right after the McClouth trade. I thought Barry could take a rest no need to curse a team who just traded their best player away, again. But McCutchen has made things interesting so far. However today the threat level will be updated because of certain undeniable forces that our experts have detected. In case you have not heard Bonds’ wife filed for a separation this week. Partially because of these developments the level will be dropped to “very high”.
Initially we thought maybe Barry would rage and totally bury the Bucs but our panel of supernatural experts and gypsies is betting that Barry we have other matters on his mind and forget about the Pirates for a short time. So good news is it looks like Bucco fans might be able to enjoy some quality baseball this summer. The bad news is for Marc Ecko, there are strong indications that Bonds’ curse will cause him to be trampled by a Rhinoceros.

~ by curseofbonds on June 11, 2009.

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  1. […] we spoke too soon when we lowered the threat level to very high, because since then the Bucs have looked more cursed than ever. Consider that the […]

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