Giant Pirates of 1909

Not sure if this is curse related or not but some one really messed up yesterday with Pirates jerseys. They were way too big!
I tried to find a picture of Andy LaRoche from yesterdays game but I could not. Basically he looked like this.

I was very concerned that someone had stolen the teams jerseys and kidnapped the pierogis. Perhaps those real pirates had finally got fed up with the baseball pirates using their name. I grew even more concerned when a mob of toothless Canadians stormed the field before the game carrying a large silver cup.

Canadian Pirates?!
I was very worried until I learned that yesterday was 1909 throwback day and that the Canadians were world champion hockey players. Apparently in 1909 people were gigantic and there were no pierogi. Sad times but the Pirates won a world series. After my initial fears were calmed, the Pirates had an excellent game in these giant sized uniforms and defeated the Tigers 6-3.
Perhaps the Buccos should continue to wear these 100 year old jerseys.

On one final note this past weekend’s series against the Detroit Tigers brought Jim Leyland back to town. Leyland may be the only man alive who can help the Pirates with the curse. Leyland cursed Bonds and lived to tell about it and win a world series.

Help us Jim Leyland.

~ by curseofbonds on June 15, 2009.

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