“Charlie Morton,” Morgan said loud enough for everyone in the room to hear him. “You are now known as the Salt Man.”

It was a cute play on the iconic Morton Salt package that has a little girl holding an umbrella and walking a dog.

“My family doesn’t own Morton’s salt, unfortunately,” Morton said with a laugh, “or Morton’s steakhouse, either. I wish they did.”


We are constantly looking for someone with super powers or even above average powers on the Pirates to help break the curse. So now the great Nyer Morgan has identified Charlie Morton as someone with a super hero like name, SaltMan. Not really sure what kind of powers a SaltMan would have, but time will tell. Hopefully Morton won’t merely rub salt in the 17 year old wounds of Pirate fans.
Here is a video of what we are pretty sure is Charlie Morton as a child.

Pretty catchy song.
But sources tell us that Naughty by Nyjer is working on their own song about the Saltman. You can hear the potential just in this one quote from Morgan “Charlie Morton, you are now known as the Salt Man.”

~ by curseofbonds on June 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “SALTMAN?”

  1. That video rules! I predict salt in the wounds as well on this one.

    • I know that video is awesome. We should find out some more about Saltman tonight, he is scheduled to start.

  2. […] the season today, a 17-2 loss to the Cubs.  Charlie “Saltman” Morton proved our past prognostications to be true as he did indeed rub 10 runs worth of salt in Pirates fans wounds in the first inning of […]

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