Pull the Strings!

Perhaps we spoke too soon when we lowered the threat level to very high, because since then the Bucs have looked more cursed than ever.

Consider that the Pirates are the only team in Major League Baseball with a positive run differential — they have scored four more than they have allowed, 356-352 — that also has a losing record: They last night reached the season’s midpoint at 37-44, one game worse than last year even though the 2008 edition had a minus-52 run differential at the same point.

Here is another: The Pirates are 5-12 in one-run outcomes, the worst such record in the majors.

Those who scrutinize the sport’s statistics can cite evidence that teams that lose with a positive run differential or that lose a high ratio of one-run games are, plain and simple, unlucky and due for a reversal.

But waiting for destiny to do its thing does not make for much of a chalkboard slogan.


When you add the loss of Nyjer Morgan to the Nationals and the reports that Freddy Sanchez and Adam LaRoche could be on their way to SanFranciso Giants, it certainly feels like the curse is worse than ever this year.  Bonds is pulling the strings hard.  Sanchez and LaRoche  to the Giants that is no coincidence.


Threat level is being raised.

Bella Legosi sums it all up.


~ by curseofbonds on July 5, 2009.

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