La Roche College and L Millz


The Trade em all world tour continued this week as Adam LaRoche was traded to the Boston Red Sox.  Since the deal was made this Wednesday many Pittsburghers are wondering what will happen to LaRoche College. Yes Andy is still here in Pittsburgh but according to the Post Gazette the college is on shaky footing.

“There’s no danger,” La Roche spokesman Ken Service said. “We’ll be in business for a long time to come.”  “As for faculty, students and staff, there is no impact on them.

Only time will tell but we hope the best for Andy and La Roche College.

L Millz showed some his tremendous upside yesterday in Indianapolis.  In the first inning some guy hit a ball right to Milledge who didn’t charge in but appeared to freeze in his tracks.  The ball bounced a few yards in front of Milledge, who then played the hop and threw it back in to the infield.  In the second inning L Millz was struck out argued the call, slammed his helmet to the ground and was ejected.  IMG_0897
The Indianapolis Indians went on to lose 6-3 to the Buffalo Bison in this battle of alliteratively named teams.  Thanks to Sandlot Swashbuckers for reporting on this game and pictures of L Millz meltdown.

~ by curseofbonds on July 26, 2009.

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