The primary intention of this blog is to bring the Curse of Bonds to the public’s attention so somehow it can be broken. That being said we feel we recently hit 2 out of the park. That is one less than the Pirates Andrew McCutchen hit last night and 760 less than Barry Bonds hit in his entire career but none the less we feel it is an accomplishment. First you can now get to the blog by typing www.curseofbonds.com into any web enabled browser. Second we are very excited to announce that the Curse of Barry Bonds now has its own Wikipedia article.
Amongst all the trades of this past week we missed a huge Bonds-Pirates story. Bonds was in attendance when the Giants and Buccos faced off this past Monday.
Not only was Mr. Bonds he apparently had words with San Francisco pitcher Tim Lincecum, Bonds told him:

“Beat my old team, or I’ll beat you.”

Lincecum led the Giants to a 4-2 victory pitching a complete came and striking out 15 Pirates.
When asked about it later Lincecum said with a grin

“I think he was joking,”

This is no joking matter when it comes to the curse if you still needed proof that the curse is real look no further.


~ by curseofbonds on August 2, 2009.

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  1. Baseballbriefs.com tracking back http://www.curseofbonds.com...

    Baseballbriefs.com tracking back http://www.curseofbonds.com...

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