Forgive Barry


It has been 2 years since Barry Bonds hit career home run 756 becoming the all time home run leader on August 7, 2007. Even as the number of players implicated for using steroids grows almost daily, most fans in Pittsburgh and across the country still hold a unparalleled grudge against Bonds. The August 10 issued of Sports Illustrated has an article by Chris Ballard that is written like as a fictitious (at least I don’t think it is real) letter from the ostracized home king.

“So how are you going to treat Papi now? Will you boo him and throw syringes on the field like you did to me? Are you going to sic Pedro Gomez on him?”
“While we’re at it, just what price has Manny paid? Let’s see: a 50-game suspension and then … what? More love from you guys.”

USA Today ran an article asking Is this the day to forgive Bonds? The answer to this question especially for Pirate Fans is yes! Fans forgiving Bonds is the first step of breaking the cycle of begrudging between Bonds and the Pirates. So please join us in forgiving Barry. We know it may be hard to do but it must be done if the curse is ever going to be broken. Do your part as a Bucco fan to help break the curse with this Curse of Bonds exclusive t-shirt.

The shirts are available here for only $15.99. One dollar from the price of each shirt will be donated to a yet to be established charity to help break the Curse of Bonds on the Pirates. There is no better way to help yourself and other Pirate fans remember to forgive Barry that by wearing this shirt.

One final thing I wanted to mention this article about Pirates trades.

~ by curseofbonds on August 8, 2009.

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