8 to go

Uh never mind that post about the curse of Randall Simon being broken.  Last evening the Buccos lost their 20th straight game at Miller park and moved within 8 loses of a historic 17th consecutive losing season.  So that means the Pirates could have the sparkling white grape juice on ice as soon as their Sept 6th game against the Cardinals.  Buy your tickets now!  You might just want to buy tickets for the entire series against the on Sept 7-9 to ensure your chance at seeing history.


If the Pirates get that magical 82nd loss on September 8th it would coincide with the Pirates’ birthday party/bobble head night for Arnold Palmer.  Not sure who this guy is maybe one of Neal Huntington’s golfing buddies.  But obviously, like many of the Pirates players over the past 17 years, this guy is not a baseball player.

On a final note we would also like to apologize again for ever thinking Brian Bixler was going to be good.  Bixler has stuck out 23 times in 33 at bats with the Pirates this season.

brian bixler

~ by curseofbonds on August 30, 2009.

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