10,000 Leagues Under the League

The Pirates 5-3 loss the Reds moves them with in 3 loses from clinching a losing record for the season. The loss completed a 4 game sweep in Cincinnati putting the giving the Pirates their 50th road loss of the season. On a bright note Garrett Jones hit the 10,000th all-time home run in the Pirates’ 123 year history. So to celebrate this achievement we are counting down the 10,000 greatest Pirates home runs of all time.

10,000. Garrett Jones September 2, 2009

9,999. Adam Laroche April 9,2009

9,998. Jason Bay April 9,2009

9,997. Fred Carroll May 2, 1887

9,996. Chris Duffy May 6, 2007

9,995. Jose Castillo Aug. 14, 2006

9,994. Ed Smartwood July 12, 1883

9,993. Debs Garms 1940

9,992. Jack Wilson June 05, 2007

9,991. Jose Bautista May 13, 2006

9,990. Craig Wilson April 17, 2006

Well that’s enough for the today. I know the list is a little heavy with fairly recent home runs but for the most part those HRs have be meaningless so they rank lower. Next post hopefully I’ll cover home runs 9,989-7,000.


~ by curseofbonds on September 3, 2009.

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