Familiar Free Agents

Finally we are starting to see the beginings of Neal  Huntington’s brilliant plan.  Dejan from the PG gave us a glimpse into to the future in his article Pirates will pursue familiar faces in free agency

The Pirates plan to be more aggressive in free agency than last year, general manager Neal Huntington said yesterday, and that could include a pursuit of recently traded players.

“We will look into the free-agent market, and we have some money to apply to the right situation,”

“We are open to all avenues and, just because a player left here, we haven’t closed the door on anyone,” Huntington said. “Without getting into specifics or tampering, we’re open in all areas to bringing some players back if there’s the right financial fit and they think it’s the right fit for them.”

Neal is a genius trade players away get some other players that might be good, avoid paying some of the money to your teams best players because you traded them, then sign some of the same players that you just traded away back as free agents with the money you saved by trading some of those same players away!  Not really sure if am completely smart enough to understand how brilliant this is.

Here is our projected 2010 opening day line up.


Jason Bay

Andrew McCutchen

Lastings Milledge


Andy LaRoche

Jack Wilson

Freddy Sanchez

Garrett Jones


Ryan Doumit

We assume Paul Maholm will start and John Grabow will make an impact in there somewhere.  Also Andy LaRoche will be traded when Pedro Alvarez is ready.

In 100 loss news the Pirates would need to go .500 over their final 14 games to avoid the 8th 100 season in franchise history.


~ by curseofbonds on September 22, 2009.

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