SI Jinx

The Pirates only lost 99 games!  Thanks to Dejan for some ominous numbers that confirm that some high power (Barry Bonds) is at work.

In a season dominated by the number 17 — the years of losing, the losing streak to Milwaukee and the 17-2 loss in Chicago — another was added: The Pirates were shut out 17 times, the most since 19 in 1985.

Also Jalapeno Hanna lost 17 races.

So now that counting down to 17 losing seasons and counting up to 100 loses is over it time to get back to keeping track of the Bonds Curse threat level.  For the time being the curse threat to the Pirates is being set at its lowest level “Not Bad.”

With the Pirates season over Bonds may have been at least partially to blame for  keeping Jim Leyland’s Detroit  Tigers from making the playoffs tonight by losing a tiebreaker game with the Twins.

The Tigers end of the season meltdown was historic they became they had a seven-game division lead with three weeks remaining.  But tonight they became the first team to fail to clinch a division title after leading by three games with four remaining.  Perhaps it was the Curse of Bonds on Leyland but that is not likely.  Maybe it was because Miguel Cabrera was drunk.  Or maybe it was the SI jinx.

The Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx is a myth that states that individuals or teams who appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated magazine will subsequently be jinxed (experience bad luck).

Last time the Pirates were featured on the cover of Sport Illustrated  May 04, 1992.

Since that time we all know what has happened.

~ by curseofbonds on October 7, 2009.

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  1. tracking back SI Jinx… tracking back SI Jinx…

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