What is the curse of Bonds?

The Curse of Barry Bonds

“I don’t care if they offer me $100 million, I’m gone,”  “And if I do leave, I’ll haunt the Pittsburgh Pirates. They’ll be the one team I will beat up on.”

-Barry Bonds 1991


He was once beloved by Pirates fans. While wearing the Pirates uniform from 1986 till 1992, Bonds won two National League MVP awards, golden gloves, and silver slugger awards. The Pirates won the National League Eastern Division title three times in a row.  In 1992 the Pirates came within one out of going to the World Series when Bonds’ throw from left field failed to beat a sliding Sid Bream.  After the 1992 season, Bonds left as a free agent and signed with the San Francisco giants for a then record $43.75 million.  Causing Pirate fans make signs like “Bond$$$” and causing Barry to get an even more blinged out version of his signature earring.


With the Giants, Bonds won five more MVP awards and broke the single season and career home run records. The Pirates have had 17 consecutive losing seasons since Bonds left, the most in the history or Professional sports.

Barry Bonds’ curse on the Pirates can be compared of the curse of Bambino which kept the Boston Red Sox from winning the world series for 84 after selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees.  Barry Bonds is the Babe Ruth of this era and depending on who you talk to he is either the greatest baseball player ever or the figure head of the steroid use that has tarnished the game.  However you view Bonds his curse on the Pittsburgh Pirates is undeniable.

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